Institute of Functional Nano and Soft Materials, Soochow University

Liao Research Group

Our group aims to combine "Device Engineering - Device Physics - Materials Chemistry" closely together in order to effectively provide new methods and technologies for our organic optoelectronic devices (especially OLED) industry.

(1) Device Engineering: Focus on fabrication of high efficiency and long lifetime organic solid-state lighting devices, organic light emitting display devices, organic solar cells, micro-nano array devices, energy storage devices and so on.

(2) Device Physics: Study organic semiconductor devices and their properties, including carrier injection, transportation, recombination, interfacial defects, charge accumulation, and energy levels through the use of semiconductor test methods and surface/interface analysis techniques. The  aim is to improve the organic semiconductor device performance and provide an significant basis for materials design.

(3) Material Chemistry: To research organic optoelectronic devices, design and synthesize novel organic semiconductor materials, and strive to continuously improve the performance of organic semiconductor optoelectronic devices.

I. Organic Optoelectronic Materials
II. Organic Semiconductor Physics
III. OLED Production Technologies