Institute of Functional Nano and Soft Materials, Soochow University

Liao Research Group
OLED Lighting Technologies

OLEDs that are healthy and energy-saving can be used in the application of the next generation lightings. Under the basis research in material chemistry, device engineering, and device physics, we aim to fabricate the large area OLED panels and make the novel OLED lighting fixtures.

(1) Large Area OLED Production

The in-house designed research type evaporator is used for the fabrication of large area OLEDs .

(2) Large Area OLED Lighting

We fabricate the OLED lighting panels with the size of 150 mm × 150 mm and 300 mm× 300 mm. The 300 mm × 300 mm OLED panels are the largest ones that have been made in China so far.

(3)  White OLED Lighting Fixtures

Various kinds of lighting fixtures are made with the large area white OLED panels.

(4) Flexible OLED Lighting

The OLEDs is significantly potential for flexible lighting applications.